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Sky & Freesat for blocks of flats and apartments

too many dishes spoil the block

This block could be wired with just one dish avoiding the structural damage which poor installation causes. A shared dish also prevents the disputes that occur, both between tenants and also between tenants and the buildings management over DIY dish installation. The local planning also dislike muti-dish installation on flats.

freesat  for flats

A low cost effective solution for Landlords, Managing Agents and Management Companies to provide Sky Digital TV and Freesat to existing blocks of flats via a shared satellite dish.

Sky for Flats handbook for Landlords, Managing Agents and Management Companies.

Witham Satellite Systems will install a shared dish in a block of flats at no cost to the Landlord, Managing Agent or Management Company. 


The dish, cabling and distribution box is fitted free and as Witham Satellite own the dish they will manage the system at no cost to the Landlord, Managing Agent or Management Company.


Unlike other companies that offer shared dishes we will fit a dish for just one flat in the block.


See our handbook for more information.

If you would like a copy of Sky for Flats just email the

details of you block and we will email you a copy.

Sky for Flats, handbook

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Back in 1994 Witham Satellite installed their first shared dish system in Witham and now have a number of sites that they manage throughout Essex and Suffolk