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If you have any problems with your freeview.

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 Always use a made up fly lead for your freeview as the white off the peg leads block some of the signals, use TV plugs with a length of satellite cable.


This gets 9 of 10 systems working, switch it all off at the wall wait for 5 minutes, then switch the power back on at the wall, wait another 5 minutes then bring out of standby.


You will need to re-tune your Freeview from time to time its best to re-tune every few weeks to keep up with new channels as they come on line.


There is a very quick test that you can do to see if you are getting all the Freeview channels, just test the following channels: 1, 3, 10, 11 and 19 if you have Freeview HD then test 101.

Missing channels,take look at channel 800 upwards, if they are there then do a factory reset or re-tune box as new installation, if the box or TV is a early model then it will need to be updated.


Anglia TV (Subury) any channels that are missing or poor you may need a service call or an aerial upgrade.


London TV (Crystal Palace) channels missing, aerial may need attention.


Loft aerials in poor signal areas may not work very well, outside aerial is best.


4G can cause problems on some channels on Anglia TV (Subury) eg Pick or Sky news, if these channels play up call "At800" on 08081313800 for help.

Some times you will have to manually tune your freeview box/TV listed below are the channel numbers


                   Sudbury            44  41   47(HD only) 37   58   60


                   Witham relay    44   41  47(HD only)


                  Crystal Palace    23   26   30(HD only)  25   22   28   29  33  35



Channels for VCR , Sky, CCTV RF output  use any channel not in the above list


If you need help just call or email.


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