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If you have any problems with your sky.

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If you have problems with your Sky the following may help before you call an engineer.


This gets 9 out 10 systems working, switch it all off at the wall wait for 5 minutes, then switch the power back on at the wall, wait another 5 minutes then bring out of standby.


Break up of pictures on 321 True Moves and some of the music channels, move your phone base station away from the sky box. No Satellite Signal has anyone hit the dish or trees blocking the line of sight ( mainly around May/June ).

No sound but picture OK, it’s the scart leads.    That the easy faults.


Before you do any of the following find out which make of sky box you have, its on the back or on the top back edge on newer boxes.


Reboot; all boxes. Power down at the mains, hold back-up in on the front panel, reapply the mains wait untill the front led's light up, let go of back-up and walk away for 15/20 minutes.



SKY HD+ reformat via the install menu.

 Still not working!   just call or email.


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